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Over 20,000,000
People Get Government Money Every Year.

Entrepreneurs get money to start or expand a business.

People get money to invest in real estate.

People get money to go to college.

People get free help and training for a better job.


Free Grants for Business

Free Grants to Start a Business!

Or expand your existing business? Our Government is giving away Over 230 Billion Dollars in free grants and low-interest loans. More than 20,000,000 deserving people this year will get free grants money to fulfill their dreams!

Free Grants for College Students!

A HUGE amount of money is out there waiting for you. Contrary to what you may have heard, our Government does care about your education! Over 3 Billion Dollars in college free grants, pell grants & scholarships are being given away to college students to help finance their education. No credit checks or collateral is required. Start applying online now!  There are also low interest and no Interest government loans available for you to take full advantage of. There are also special free grants for research & technology available.

Free Grants for Women & Minorities!

3 Billon Dollars in Free Grants is now available to help you start a business of your own or for personal needs. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity Now!  This is Your Tax Money.

Get Free Grants for Your Down Payment  to Purchase Your Dream Home or Get Money for Home Improvements That Never Has to Be Repaid.

Government Housing Grants, Down Payment Grants, Low Interest and No Interest Loans are available. Learn about the FHA and the FFHA, Who they are and how they can help! 

There are also reserved free government grants now available for the following special interest groups. American Indians, Veterans, Family Members of Veterans, Low Income Families, Community Block Grants, Non Profit Organizations, First Time Home Buyers, Artists, Musicians, Nurses, Teachers, Researchers, The Disabled, People Suffering From HIV and AIDS, Substance Abuse. There are literally millions available.

You'll Find:

bulletEasy direct access to thousands of resources of state specific grant programs.
bulletStep by step guidelines to applying for government grants.

Name, phone numbers, addresses, website links of an expert in your state that will answer your grant related questions and help you with the grant application... free of charge


Directory of government and private supported venture capital firms.


Government funding programs for small businesses.


Top 100 government programs (based on number of inquiries), discover what are the most sought after government grants and assistant programs. Claim your share of these FREE GRANTS.


Online Directory of federal and state resources for government scholarships and grants for education.


Step by step guidelines to locating grants, loans and assistant programs for starting a new business or expanding an existing one.


How to get free small business counseling and expert advice courtesy of the US Government.


Download Government Grants application forms instantly.

Direct access to thousands of government grants programs covering: small businesses, home improvement, home buying and homeownership, land acquisition, site preparation for housing, health, assistance and services for the unemployed, job training, federal employment, education and much more.

Plus, how to develop and write a winning grant proposal that gets results!

This Grants Program is so comprehensive, it provides you with direct access to practically every source of Free Government Grants currently available and thousands of Foundation sources.


Access Thousands of Government Grants, Loans
and Foundation Programs Covering:

Business, Housing & Real-Estate, Health Assistance, Unemployed Services, Job & Tech Training, Federal Employment, Education, The Arts and Much More!!

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