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Entrepreneurs get money to start or expand a business.

People get money to invest in real estate.

People get money to go to college.

People get free help and training for a better job.


Millions of Dollars In Minority Grants for Business and Personal Projects!

Our Members of Congress and Senators all over the country cannot hold their positions of power if they do not take care of their constituents. Many of those people in power were primarily elected because of their promises to minorities and communities.

Even though many of the catch phrases relating to Affirmative Action are no longer in use, the money is still available!

Minority Business Grants Fact:

bulletMinority-owned businesses grew more than four times as fast as U.S. firms overall, increasing from 2.1 million to about 2.8 million firms, according to a report released by the Commerce Department's Census Bureau and all indications appear good for the foreseeable future.

These promises are what drives the politics of grant giving in our Federal, State and Local Governments.  Millions of dollars are available for African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, American Indians and practically any other minority group.

Right now, government grants for minorities and foundation funds are available for minority entrepreneurs, students, businesses, inventors, veterans, the unemployed, youth services, communities, real-estate buyers, artists, musicians, nurses, teachers, researchers and that's just to name a few.

bulletMinority Grants to start a business.
bulletMinority Business Grants to expand your existing business.
bulletFree Minority Grant Money for furthering your education.
bulletFree Minority Grant Money for personal assistance.


Access Thousands of Minority Grants, Loans
and Foundation Programs Covering:

Business, Housing & Real-Estate, Health Assistance, Unemployed Services, Job & Tech Training, Federal Employment, Education, The Arts and Much More!

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